Sports injuries happen. When they do, with Voyage DPC you can rest assured that your doctor will be readily available to see you through.

Don’t believe us? Here’s a real-life DPC success story from our team:

“One of my super sporty mothers called me worried. Three days prior she was playing kickball and slid into 3rd base (nice!). She had scraped up her leg and ankle pretty badly. She’s had scrapes like this before but this one worried her because it was getting hot, painful and swollen. She texted me a picture but from the story alone I knew this was cellulitis. It’s a bacteria infection of the tissue below the skin. I sent out an antibiotic to one of the 24-hr pharmacies. She was so grateful that she didn’t have to go to the ER. We agreed that over the next few days, she would text if her symptoms get worse.”

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