Check out our videos on great medical topics from Acne to Vertigo and many more in between.*

COVID! When should you do early testing? What are monoclonal antibodies?

Another misconception about wound treatment: rubbing alcohol!

Most common sports injuries come from lack of strengthening. Get help here.

A critical vitamin for improving your energy level, mood, bone health and immune system.

Why you shouldn’t treat wounds with hydrogen peroxide and what to use instead.

Pickleball (tennis) elbow: what causes it and what to do to help get rid of it.

An osteopathic technique that helps activate the lymphatic system to more effectively fight infections.

Some of Dr. Sanders’ favorite pickleball tips and tricks learned from working with professionals.

Ways to avoid achilles tendonitis, a very common pickleball (and other athletics) injury. 

Sources of abdominal pain and signs that your pain may be appendicitis.

Stretches to help prevent shoulder injuries.

COVID! Wondering about the new CDC guidelines for quarantining?

Wondering about a colonoscopy? Dr. John answers your questions about poo!

Figure what to do and where to go for treating an ankle sprain.

Zoom giving you a pain in the neck? Here’s what to do about it.

How small employers can provide exceptional health care for their employers at low cost.

How to help prevent opportunistic infections in patients who contract coronavirus.

First part of a two-part series discussing shoulder impingement issues and providing exercises for alleviating pain.

Changes in form for pickleball players to prevent or alleviate back pain from pickleball.

What to do to help treat your teenager’s mask acne.

Ways to identify different types of skin cancers: basal cell and squamous cell carcinomas

Common allergies and medical recommendations for treatment.

Learn more about allergies and how to handle them.

How much is too much? What should you do? Screen time questions answered here.

Two easy-to-find, essential items for any self-respecting first aid kit.

Plantar fasciitis: what it is, what it feels like, what causes it, and what to do to get rid of it.

Second part of a two-part series discussing shoulder impingement issues and providing exercises for alleviating pain.

Myths about knee pain and age, exercises to help strengthen muscles and prevent pain.

The difference between the common cold, flu, and strep, and what to do about each illness.

The ABCDE method for identifying melanoma.

Learn the F.A.S.T. method for identifying a stroke.

How to perform the Dix Hallpike maneuver for treating vertigo.

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