Today Dr. John Sanders, DO explains why it’s so important to get a skin check up using his Dermascope.

Dr. Sanders: Hi, I’m Dr. Sanders with Voyage Direct Primary Care. Today we’re going to talk a little bit about skin health. There’s two categories of skin cancers out there that your doctor should be looking for. One is pigmented and non-pigmented. In other words, one is dark and one is basically skin colored.

The non-pigmented ones are no big deal, the pigmented ones can become melanoma, and it’s a big deal. I like to use this device here, it’s called the dermascope, can you see that pretty well? It allows me to take a microscopic look at any moles or any suspicious dark legions that I see, and kind of just tell more information about it. 

Make sure that you go to your doctor at least annually for a skin exam. If you have a family history of melanoma you should go maybe more frequently than that. Again, Dr. Sanders of Voyage Direct Primary Care