Girl with arm brace in the doctor's office“I just love paying $500 every two months toward my insurance premiums only to have to also cover the costs of copays and high deductibles when I actually visit the doctor,” said no one ever.

Can you relate?

More and more, we’re hearing stories of patients who are frustrated and fed up with this exact scenario. We know you want and need the peace of mind that you and your loved ones will have access to quality medical care. But does it really have to feel like you’re breaking the bank every time you need to see your primary care doctor? You already shell out thousands per year to just carry medical insurance in the event that, heaven forbid, you experience a major medical crisis. Is it really reasonable to also have to pay thousands more to be seen for your everyday medical needs by a medical office that may make you wait weeks to come in, will typically only allow you to address one major issue during your visit, and has time constraints to get you in and out as quickly as possible (among other things)?

Our blood pressure is rising just thinking about that, so we imagine yours probably is too. It’s frustrating, to say the least. However, it doesn’t have to be this way. Consider this patient scenario to illustrate how Direct Primary Care can be a cost-saving supplement to your traditional insurance and your traditional medical experience.

A membership that’s worth the cost (and still saves you money!)

Since joining Voyage Direct Primary Care I’ve experience immediate benefits of membership. For less than 20% of what I pay for insurance I have been able to get my kids in when I need to without additional copays or deductibles. Our doctor spends so much time with us and my kids. We truly love him!


Last week my youngest daughter slipped off the monkey-bars (why do they even make those?!). She landed on her wrist and I could tell there was something seriously wrong. My mind immediately went to my insurance plan and how much additional out of pocket this would cost me to take her to the emergency room or urgent care. Then I remembered the direct doc line at Voyage. I called my doctor and we discussed what happened. He ordered an xray for $60 (which would have been $200 with my insurance deductible) at a local imaging center and saw my daughter later that day. Upon reviewing the xrays, he told us her arm was broken but did not need surgery. He applied a splint to stabilize her arm until the swelling went down so he could apply a cast the next week.

After this visit, I was curious about how much “out of pocket” I saved by avoiding copays and deductibles, so I pulled up my insurance plan. I estimated my savings to be between $800-1200. That’s about half of our annual membership! Thanks Voyage DPC for helping my family navigate the healthcare system in a more pain-free and affordable way. Membership for us is totally worth it!

While you will still need to carry health insurance to cover major medical incidents, with Voyage Direct Primary Care you get to experience both a decrease in your overall cost of care and an increase in the quality of care and access to your physician. It’s designed to be a win-win that results in beautiful healthcare without the headache.