A Balm for Turbulent Times

Are you having trouble staying busy and productive while your normal activities are constrained? We get it! Just because you are limiting social interactions, however, doesn’t mean there’s nothing to do. How about curling up with a good book to help you pass the time?

For the next few days, Dr. Sander’s wife, Shaunna, is running a free promotion for both of her novels. You can head to Amazon and download the Kindle version of either one or both for free. This promotion lasts until Friday, March 20, so even if you don’t have time to read right now, you can download the novel(s) for your future reading entertainment.

Here are the details and links:

Good Morning Glory is historical romance suitable for older teens and adults. Here’s the back cover:

It’s 1926 and Kit Quinn, orphaned in childhood and raised in a boarding school, has no illusions about what life has in store for her. She needs to find a position with room and board and a little spending money for trinkets and that’s it. What she does not need to do is fall in love. Not even—especially not—with James West.

For one thing, he’s too rich. And, if she gets right down to it, he’s also too handsome and too intelligent. Plus, he’s her boss. So when he starts pushing the boundaries of their professional relationship, Kit’s got a choice to make. She can stay and hope for some fleeting happiness (he’s made it clear he intends to marry for money). Or she can leave her job but keep her self-respect. She’s read enough classic literature to know what last century’s heroines would do, but in 1926, a girl should be able to keep her man and her dignity.

If you’re looking for something for a little younger crowd, check out this YA urban fantasy:

 firebird is suitable for younger teens, age 11 or 12 and up. Here’s the back flap:

Lainey’s spent her whole life trying to look normal, a surprisingly difficult task. After all, admitting you can see fairies isn’t going to get you many votes for student council or prom royalty. But when her new boyfriend disappears and her father’s on the hook for his murder, Lainey realizes her abnormality may be the only thing that can save any of them. It’s a dangerous endeavor (death and carnage), but the payoff (a perfect first kiss) is worth the risk.




We hope you’re staying safe and sane during this difficult times. Reading is a great way to support your mental and physical well-being, especially right now. So relax, take a breather, and lose yourself in a good story.

-The Team at Voyage DPC