Zion Health Share

At Voyage Direct Primary Care, we encourage all of our members to maintain catastrophic coverage for accidents and illnesses. We know it’s not easy to navigate the complexities of insurance, so we’ve affiliated with Zion Health Share to offer our members discounted rates.

Questions about Zion Health?

What is a health share?

A health share is a membership-based non-insurance arrangement established for the purpose of sharing legitimate healthcare expenses between members.

Does it have a deductible?

Zion Health Share has an Initial Unsharable Amount, which is the specified financial amount that Members are required to bear on their own prior to any amount that may be eligible for sharing.

How much does it cost?

The monthly cost for Zion Health share depends on three factors:

  1. How many family members are included in the plan
  2. The amount of the IUA (Initial Unsharable Amount)
  3. Whether you are a member of a direct primary care
Where can I find more information?

Check out the FAQs page on Zion’s website for answers to all of your questions.

We’ve got you covered. Click the link to learn more.

Even the health shares can be complex and confusing. We’ve vetted a lot of them, and we’ve been most impressed by Zion Health. They pay your valid claims within three to five days. They don’t require members to profess a certain religion or doctrinal creed, and they don’t ask you to pay claims and then submit for reimbursement.