Life Coaching

Program Mission:

Would you like to improve aspects of your life, job, relationship?  Are there patterns or habits you want to change?  Let us help you optimize your life trajectory! We believe you can create beautiful, lasting change in your life though expert coaching.

Dr. Mauzy has over a decade of experience helping people progress in their lives and he’s happy to help! With his lens of professional experience, Dr. Mauzy will help you with a customized plan to help you achieve new levels of connection, enlightenment, and fulfillment in life.

Mark Mauzy, PhD

Dr. Mauzy graduated from Brigham Young University with a PhD in Marriage and Family Therapy. As a life coach, he draws on 15 years of extensive experience as a counseling practitioner specializing in relationships and communication. 

His approach to coaching includes translating the research and skills from the field of psychology into practical, actionable items that are personalized to each client. This isn’t just “talk therapy.” 

Features & Pricing

A la Carte

In-person consultations with Dr. Mauzy are available. Prices are $150/hr for members and $250/hr for non-members.